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Khan no Dance Site

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-03-09

Because I really have nothing better to do…

The vocals of “Dschinghis Khan” (main track minus instrumental) plus the instrumental track of “Koi no Dance Site”, with some editing.


I apologize for Risako’s voice.

Also, some parts don’t sound too great, probably because the two songs were originally half an octave apart in scale (“Koi no Dance Site” in C minor and “Dschinghis Khan” in F# minor), so syncing them up would be difficult as shifting either one more than a couple of semitones results in weirdness. I made some compromises instead and had to shift individual notes, a process that I’m not sure was entirely successful or carried out thoroughly enough … :-/

If this has inspired anybody to do a better remix, I look forward to hearing it. 🙂 I might make a less dissonant version sometime…

Download: MP3


6 Responses to “Khan no Dance Site”

  1. gemma said

    haha! Sounds awsome!! xD

  2. Andra said

    Haha! So funny! And it really sounds quite funny in some points! The chorus has a whole new (and a quite nice) sound!

    I’ll be waiting for an official version of “Khan no Dance Site” to appear on this year’s Pucchi Best album. 😛 With professionals editing the original tracks could acually soung really good. 😀

  3. maiZe said

    That was sooo fabulous!! 🙂 I was wondering what you meant when you mentioned “I apologize for Risako’s voice” because I know lots of people have been harping about her regarding her less than stellar singing abilities (myself included at times), so at first I thought that’s what you were alluding to… And then I heard the end of the song and just burst out laughing. It suddenly clicked. 😀

    I started listening to the remix before I finished reading the post. It sounded interesting, but I knew there was a very good word to describe the sound that I couldn’t come up with off the top of my head. You very kindly supplied it to me at the end of the post… I’d have to I highly enjoyed the dissonance of your mix. It gives the remix a very quirky character. You definitely don’t hear songs like that every day. XD

  4. Amber said

    Balalaika song over Koi no Dance Site video works even better :/

  5. wu-san said

    It’s like a parody, only it’s pretty damn amazing. Not only is it as fun as hell, I could happily listen to it.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I think I’m addicted to remixing stuff now… and I’m also sick of “Dschinghis Khan”… :-p

    Aaggh … have other work to do …

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