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Piriri to Chance!

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-03-13

Must … resist … the urge … to remix … everything in sight


Sorry, it got the better of me.



Download MP3

Note: The video version feels like the vocals are too loud and the instrumentals are too soft, to me at least. I’m not sure how this happened. The MP3 download sounds much better.


2 Responses to “Piriri to Chance!”

  1. […] Piriri to Chance! […]

  2. johpan said

    lol these never fail to entertain.
    I was quite surprised how the choruses fit.
    Keep it up ^_^

    H!P need to get shaken up a bit since it’s been a while since we’ve had shuffle groups!! hahahaaaaa~

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