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Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-03-22

Oh, my … what a depressing title.

Sorry it sounds not-so-great in places; this one was something of a pain to put together, unlike the last few.

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4 Responses to “I WISH IT’S ALL RIGHT”

  1. maiZe said

    Wowzers… That was… interesting. XD I really enjoyed the repeats of “motto motto baachan”. I never really noticed it before, but Rika’s vocals at the start of the song kind of shaky. The verses sounded pretty cool, the chorus a was a little more choppy.

    I really wasn’t expecting the high-pitched ‘I Wish’ vocals to come it. XD It made me giggle. And then when it went back to the ‘Ai Araba’ vocals, I was like.. o_O. But I couldn’t help but enjoy the really high-pitched ‘Go! Go!’s in the background. Another fun listen. ^_^

  2. 😀

    This was by far the most painful remix for me to make, for a number of reasons: The instrumental had a lot of soft parts, which means the residue from the extracted vocals are quite noticeable. Filtering this out usually distorts the vocals a bit, unfortunately. 😦 Then there was the problem of getting painful dissonance no matter how far apart the tracks are in pitch. I chose what I thought was least painful—shifting “I WISH” up two half-tones—but this made the end a bit of a mess, alas. :/ And then there are the tempo changes, which caused additional pain.

    But, ah, I now have a much deeper appreciation for the masterpiece of composition that is “I WISH”. An inferior piece would not have challenged me so.

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  4. Churirin said

    Both songs started with Aibon xD

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