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Hana wo Pu~n! Dance no Uta

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-03-23

“Hana wo Pu~n” and “Ai~n! Dance no Uta” seem to consistently rank among people’s lists of the worst Hello! Project songs ever, or at least I get that impression.

So, I thought, innocently, why not put them together for a doubly dissonant disasterpiece?


Listen at your own risk.

I mean it. This monster is not one to be reckoned with lightly. It will warp your mind. It will steal your sanity. It will withdraw funds from your bank account without your authorization and offer up all your personal possessions for sale on eBay.

You have been warned.

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4 Responses to “Hana wo Pu~n! Dance no Uta”

  1. Cat said

    I must be a really twisted person, but I actually think that this version is less horrible than the original Hana wo Pu~un… at least it made me laugh, the original makes me want to wish I was never born so I didn’t have to be put through such horrible stuff…

  2. Andra said

    Haha the beginning :DD I really bursted out laughing. Bakatonosama’s and Koha and Maimai’s voices go very well together. This is hilarious! All the “Hana wo Pu~n!” sound ridiculously good.

  3. syao pinku said

    worst Hello! Project songs ever? are you crazy? Ai~n dance no Uta is one of the best songs from Mini Moni, obviously Mini Moni is for kids ¬¬ whatever, this mix is very funny, i love kira pika too. thanks

  4. I was just noting that these two songs seem to be abhorred by a number of people, who’ve posted rather vehement opinions about them. I certainly don’t agree. In fact, “Hana wo Pu~n” is one of my favorite H!P songs of all time. XD

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