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[Note] Remix Album

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-04-03

I’m planning to release an album of my first 16 remixes (it was going to be the first 12, but “AS FOR ONE KISS” caught me by surprise… and I like multiples of four …), and I’m planning to take care of some of the weak spots in these remixes, particularly volume issues, timing offsets, and pitch problems. I already have a number of things in mind, but if you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate them.

Things to consider (not necessarily problems, and not necessarily fixable):

  • Khan no Dance Site: Lots of dissonance, particularly toward the end, some of which works, and some of which doesn’t. Stuff needs fixin’ … or not. Bad sound quality for ending part where vocals are drawn out. Overall volume is softer compared to other remixes.
  • Genki Dschinghis no Jibun Song: Spoken parts from the beginning of “Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song” are missing at the beginning. Parts of verses (verse & chorus from “Dschinghis Khan”) are dissonant. Chorus (from “Honto no Jibun”) is spifftacularly awesome, but the last line is off.
  • Piriri to Chance!: Displaced vocals at the beginning, with vocals layered on a part of the instrumental that didn’t originally have vocals, leaving a relatively long vocalless section before the first chorus. Second verse truncated to fit instrumental; would it have been better to augment the instrumental track, as I’ve done in some other remixes (“Seishun! Telephone! Lunch Lunch Lunch”; “Hana wo Pu~n! Dance no Uta”; “AS FOR ONE KISS”)? Instrumental residue from original “Chance!” track audible. Vocals too loud for the instrumental? Overall volume too loud?
  • Seishun! Telephone! Lunch Lunch Lunch: Can’t think of any problems.
  • Tropica~l Ukare Mode: The beat feels displaced during parts of the chorus. Vocals too soft? Bridge consists mainly of instrumental from “Tropica~l Koishite~ru” … would it be better to include the vocals from “Tropica~l Koishite~ru” in that part? Dissonance in the “Romantic Ukare Mode” vocal line at the end of the bridge? Scratch it altogether?
  • Namida ga Iruzee!: Dissonant in parts? Vocals too soft?
  • Kacchoii ze! TOUCH: Vocals too soft?
  • I WISH IT’S ALL RIGHT: Bad vocal track quality in some places. Instrumental track was pitch-shifted up two half-tones. Was this a good idea? It resulted in an ending that had “I WISH” two half-tones higher than normal and “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT” one half-tone higher than normal. Other combinations I tried sounded weird, but could undergo further investigation. Timing is kind of off at the end. Vocals too soft? Overall volume too soft?
  • Tokaikko Jubaku: Slight dissonance in places. Vocals too soft?
  • Hana wo Pu~n! Dance no Uta: The “ooooo-ooooooo-ooooohhhhh puuuuunn” parts can be stretched out. The very last one is off-key. Vocals too soft?
  • Koko ni Tomaranai Houkago: Dissonant in places, particularly at the very end. Bad vocal track quality in places. Vocals too soft?
  • Hare Ame Nochi Yaruki! IT’S ALIVE: Some vocal parts are dissonant; others sound great. I tried shifting the troublesome parts up or down but wasn’t satisfied. I could try again. Vocals at the very end are too loud. Other parts may be too soft. Some parts may have timing issues. This one was a synchronization nightmare because “Yaruki! IT’S EASY” has a bunch of tempo frameshifts that messed everything up.
  • AS FOR ONE KISS: First chorus transition has a sharp cut in the vocal track; can this be fixed by lengthening the instrumental? Some parts have timing issues? Vocal parts too soft? Vocal parts sound too fast (they were sped up 25%)? Instrumental track too slow?
  • VERY Hyacinth: Um… I tried to make the vocals the right volume, by comparing it to official releases. And it sounded perfect this morning, but now the vocals sound too loud half the time. 😮 I’m confused… Headphones might have something to do with it. Will investigate. Edited version, with adjusted vocal volume, now available for download. Further improvements can be made, I think.

2 Responses to “[Note] Remix Album”

  1. aiwish472 said

    Yay for an album! I love your remixes, so this will be great. 😀

  2. Anon said


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