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VERY Hyacinth

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-04-04

“VERY BEAUTY” is my favorite Hello! Project composition of all time. Unfortunately, the recording opens with an eardrum-shattering tour de force by the worst H!P vocalist of all time. Perplexed as to why the upper management would exercise such terrible judgment, I decided to rectify the situation and instead substitute the best H!P vocalist of all time. I think this is an improvement.

(By coincidence, each of the original tracks was the 13th single of its respective artist. This remix, however, is my 14th.)

[Now with a PV!]

Oh, and happy birthday, Risako.

Download MP3 (original version — vocals may be a little too loud)

Download MP3 (edited version — I made some adjustments to the volume of the vocals)


5 Responses to “VERY Hyacinth”

  1. Usa-chan said

    Beautiful! I too wished that someone had done something about Risako’s voice in the beginning of VB…

  2. DJ_MaiMai said

    Gold, pure gold. I love your remixes! This one though is probably the best of all.

    And yah, I really hate Risako’s voice Dx

  3. maiZe said

    How did you figure that I’d like this remix too? But you know, you’re making it really hard for me to decide which one I like more… XD Berryz is my favourite H!P group (well, behind Buono!) right now, Very Beauty is one of my favourite Berryz songs, and Ayaya is my favourite H!P vocalist overall. This remix is complete and utter WIN!!

  4. semified said

    This is such a lovely piece and I agree with everyone above me. Hrm, I might as well call this my new favourite. =DD

  5. syao pinku said

    waaaaa, is so pretty, thanks i love it!!!!

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