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[Announcement] Remix Album Track Listing

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-04-18

New information has surfaced regarding DJ Kawaiirrhea’s remix album!

The album has the (rather Tsunkuesque) tentative title of

H!P-COMPLETE ~1st Kawaiirrhea☆Mixes~

and the following tentative track listing:

Update I’ve made a number of changes to this listing, and the final one will be a surprise! Mwahahahaha…

  1. げんきホントのじぶんソング
  2. 大阪 恋のバカンス
  3. トロピカ〜ル スクランブル モード
  4. でっかい宇宙に涙が歩いてるぜぇ!
  5. 都会っ子 呪縛
  6. ブギーはNS ’03
  7. VERY 風信子(ヒヤシンス)
  8. カッチョイイゼ!TOUCH
  9. 奇跡の香りみかん。
  10. ピリリとチャンス!
  12. 16歳のシンデレラ


  1. Genki Honto no Jibun Song
  2. Osaka Koi no Vacance
  3. Tropica~l Scramble Mode
  4. Dekkai Uchuu ni Namida ga Aruiteru zee!
  5. Tokaikko Jubaku
  6. Boogie wa NS ’03
  7. VERY Hyacinth
  8. Kacchoii ze! TOUCH
  9. Kiseki no Kaori Mikan.
  10. Piriri to Chance!
  12. 16sai no Cinderella

You can probably guess what original tracks are going into this.

A number of remixes have obviously not made it onto the album, or have undergone substantial changes, and a few new ones have appeared. If your favorite remix is missing, sorry. 😦 My criteria for including a remix were (a) if I could stand listening to it on repeat for an hour (ehhhh… yeah…); and (b) if the mix was sufficiently original; that is, no recycling of large parts of the vocals from the instrumental track (à la “Seishun! Telephone! Lunch Lunch Lunch”), other than intros, extros, interludes, or single chorus lines.

This album will appear mumble mumble May something something I should stop wasting time on remixes and actually get some work done 2008.


5 Responses to “[Announcement] Remix Album Track Listing”

  1. Usa-chan said

    I can’t wait to hear “Kiseki no Kaori Mikan” and, well, all of the other songs!

  2. […] [Announcement] Remix Album Track Listing Osaka Koi no Vacance […]

  3. Anton said

    I LOVE your work!!
    You’re getting better and better. 😀

    I can’t wait for 16sai no Cinderella. XD XD

    I hope this album will surface soon. =)

  4. Anton said

    It’s gonna be an awesome album. =)
    You should think about making custume covers.

    I noticed you wrote Genki Honto no Jibun Song without Dschinghis in it.
    Does this mean it’s Just the Genki Song + Honto no Jibun?
    I hope it does cause I think the Honto no Jibun goes GREAT with the music but Dschinghis khan doesn’t. =/

    Best tracks:
    Osaka Koi no Vacance (LOOOVE!!!)
    VERY Hyacinth

    ?? Not The Kiss! Kiss! Peace!????
    It’s AWESOME!
    I really hope it makes it to the album.

  5. Yes, “Genki Honto no Jibun Song” is “Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song” and “Honto no Jibun” without “Dschinghis Khan”. I am having trouble with that, though, due to certain instrumental flourishes that are inverted in the instrumental track (meaning they get doubled in amplitude when the vocals are extracted), making “Honto no Jibun” a pain to work with. There are traces of this in the couple of “Honto no Jibun” remixes I’ve heard.

    Yes, I will be making custom covers. 🙂

    And I put up this track listing before “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” came out. I’ve actually made a number of changes to the listing, and I’ve decided to make the final listing a surprise… :-p

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