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Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-05-11

This one may or may not be on the upcoming remix album. I’ve already got a full plate … but it’s so awesome I might just have to kick out one of the weaker tracks I have planned… ^.^

Update: Hmm … yeah. This is definitely going on the album. It will be replacing “16sai no Cinderella”, which I’ll put up sometime. I find the “The☆Kiss!☆Kiss!☆Peace!” piece (hee hee) much much more fitting as an album closer than “16sai no Cinderella”.

And the correct pronunciation of the title is the Japanese one, where “kiss” rhymes with “peace”.

(Seizure Dance ver.)

Apologies for the jerkiness of the video. I don’t know what happened. I dumped the VOB rip of “The☆Peace!” into Open Movie Editor for Linux (my first time using Open Movie Editor), produced a .mov file, and converted it to a smaller-size .mpg file using the command-line ffmpeg utility.

Feel free to make a non Seizure Dance version if you wish; I’ll replace the video with yours if you let me know about it. Thanks.

You may still feel free to make your own PV version of this (or of any of my remixes, for that matter), though I’ve decided that the Seizure Dance version is awesome enough on its own that it’ll remain the official version. Heck, if any video deserves the Seizure Dance treatment, it’s “The☆Peace!” That thing has Seizure Dance written all over it, thanks to DANCE☆MAN. I’ve put up a higher-quality-than-YouTube PV download below as well.

Audio MP3: Download
PV MPG: Download


6 Responses to “The☆Kiss!☆Kiss!☆Peace!”

  1. johpan said

    Barely a few hours after the Kiss!x3 flacs come out and K’s on the ball with more remixes 😀

    This one’s awesome as usual 🙂

    The seizure dance is quite entertaining as well o_o.

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  4. Vee said

    Simply amazing. I absolutely adore it.

  5. jim said

    I watched that whole vid thinking how cool it was to get it to do that. Maybe even cooler by mistake. The song matchup works perfectly.

  6. broomhead1 said

    Yah this is my favorite of all the remixes you’ve done.

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