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Resonant Blue no Funsui Hiroba

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-05-30

(Higher-quality downloadable version at Veoh)

Download audio:

(lossless AIFF)
(320kbps MP3)
(192kbps MP3)


4 Responses to “Resonant Blue no Funsui Hiroba”

  1. […] Resonant Blue no Funsui Hiroba […]

  2. Celestia said

    conspicuous lack of Koharu… I approve

  3. Conspicuous lack of Aichan as well … though they’re my two favorite members of MoMusu, ironically enough.

    But alas, their segments just didn’t fit into the whole MM/BK members looking like each other and doing the same things theme, which I find beyond eerily coincidental. It’s like it’s part of Tsunku’s carefully orchestrated master plan or something…

  4. Angel said

    Wow that was great

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