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More Remixes!

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-07-11

OK, so I finally decided to explore the world outside of H!P, and mwahahahaa … six new remixes. You can enjoy them in high-quality stereo at my audio repository (embedded and playable):


You can also subscribe directly to its feed:

Gackt singing in new and exciting genres!

ºG-ackt – Ooki na Ai de Oikaketa Yume
Tsukishima Kirari starring Gackt – Wasurenai☆Kana

And also some H!P favorites set to instrumental tracks by others:

High-King + Gackt – R\C (REDEMPTION\Complex)
ZYX + Perfume – Baby Shiroi Love
Morning Musume. + AKB48 – Sakura ga Tomaranai Houkago 2008
Matsuura Aya + AKB48 – Saigo no Hito

6 Responses to “More Remixes!”

  1. Rad said

    Thanx for this report!


  2. Thanks for all, first, I think into myself “Theses songs are produced by Gackt ?” XDD

    And next, I read your entry ! ^^

    Thanks for all for your remix, they look like so real ! ^^

  3. Sohee said

    Your remixes are awesome. *_* I really like the Redemption/Complex one. *_* … would it be possible to get the mp3 of it?

  4. Pixie said

    Redemption/Complex was AMAZING. Really, I got chills listening to it. XD
    Your remixes are great!

  5. jim said

    Hey are you gonna make posts for the new stuff? I love Mikancake.

  6. Hey, sorry for the late response.

    @Sohee: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mbltq5pzuxt
    You can also find the URL of any MP3 directly on Vox by searching the HTML code of the page. Or if you add the audio repository to Google Reader, it gives you a link directly. In any case, I should make everything easier to download, my apologies. Will do that soon.

    @Jim: Yeah. I’ve been busy. Will do so today, probably.

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