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Video game music, a background vocal arrangement, and a lot of noise

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-10-14

I’ve posted a few new files to my audio repository:


I experimented with decreasing the bit resolution of various H!P tracks and some of them turned out semi-palatable, somewhat resembling video game music from the classic “8-bit era”:

“Tsuugaku Vector ☂”
“Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~”
“Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!”

I also discovered the awesome dsp_centercut Winamp plug-in that very cleanly splits a track into center-panned and side-panned components apparently using fast Fourier transform phase analysis. This usually does a good job of suppressing the vocals while still retaining the stereo split of the instrumentals. Pure awesome!

I took advantage of this to produce an alternate arrangement of “Hare Ame Nochi Suki ♡”, which has some of the best background vocals I’ve ever heard in an H!P song (though to be truthful, I haven’t paid much attention to background vocals since they’re often drowned out…). This piece removes most of the main vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus and amplifies the background vocals instead, resulting in a fresh new melody… ^.^

And finally, here’s a bunch of noise “transformations” of “Tsuugaku Vector ☂” and the entire Kirarin☆Land album, which I recorded last night (in real time, one pass each for the background track and the vocals+ track) using some fancy studio equipment (actually just a delay filter). “Tsuugaku Vector ☂” is kind of stale, but Kirarin☆Land is … something else.


[CFB: Poke me if you want a lossless copy of the noise… :)]


4 Responses to “Video game music, a background vocal arrangement, and a lot of noise”

  1. cfb said

    Surprisingly enough, this is the first time that I probably wouldn’t want a lossless copy of something you’ve done. Decreasing bit resolution, by itself, is one of my least favorite audio effects. >.<

    Still, they do sound for cool, for what they are. 😛

    – Zac

  2. cfb said

    Wait, nevermind, I definitely want the Kirarin Land one. Me, being the idiot I am, assumed it was the same effect as the Ne~e? and Go Girl and Tsuugaku Vector ones. XD

    However you want to get it to me works for me. 😀

  3. jim said

    These are way far out so they did not get a write up, but I love them. I like the distorted 8 bit sound, esp. Go Girl. And the mix of Hare is really weird but nice.

    I will be playing Kirarin Noise Land on Halloween. That is crazy.

  4. Hahaha… you’ll probably scare away all of the trick-or-treaters… ^.^


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