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Two remixes for the end of the year…

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-12-30

Here are a couple more remixes for your listening pleasure…

Minna FOR ONE & Tamago FOR ALL! – H.P. All Stars × Shugo Chara Egg!
Daiko Generation – Maeda Yuki × Berryz Koubou

For 2009, I’m planning to finish this blasted remix album that’s been in the works since May, do another one (!), and experiment more with polyphonic mixes. A few of the mashups work really well with overlapping melodies; I haven’t tried it on very many, and I haven’t posted any, but polyphonic mashups rock! ^_^ Yay for counterpoint!

And I also want to do more melody-changing mixes, like “Go Girl ~Koi no Watarasebashi~”, which started out as an accident and was nearly thrown away before I decided to salvage it. Pitch-changing can often lead to distorted vocals, so it’s tricky. We’ll see…

I’m also interested in doing more original compositions. Composing and remixing are two different things, and I’ve done way more of the latter than the former.

See you in 2009!

4 Responses to “Two remixes for the end of the year…”

  1. jim said

    Wow, I have never listened to Yuki before. I guess it’s too late to write up, I’m way behind. I think someone confused the two of us, or not. Either way it’s funny.

    I just tried to think of a way to say that that doesn’t make it sound like me talking to myself and trying to make it sound legit by waiting a week and a half before the reply, bringing up the subject, adding a disclaimer, lampshading the disclaimer, then pointing out that I’m doing all this, which is really meta-lampshading.

    I just googled “lampshading”. I suppose it’s not that popular a term. You could ask what it meant and then I could forget to check back, which would just seem fake-real enough if it were all real fake, but now that will only be ironic and no one would believe you couldn’t just figure it out.

    There may be no way out of it. Which is also funny yet more slightly-disturbing-funny. However, I’ll take what I can get. Funny it is.

  2. Agh… my head asplode!

    I dunno… maybe you could tack it onto one of your future writeups…

    And thanks for all your writeups, jim. They’re appreciated.

  3. yasashii said

     この 音楽 は いいですね

    ありがとう 皆

  4. jim said


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