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The latest batch

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2009-04-26

Eight new mashups to munch on…

SOME BOYS! Bye Bye Bye! — °C-ute × Goto Maki

I’ve used “SOME BOYS! TOUCH” as a backing track before, for one of my very first mashups, but it never gets old.

THE MADAYADEPOWER!!! — Berryz Koubou × Morning Musume.

I never liked “THE Manpower!!!”. I still don’t. But it’s a little more interesting now.

FoRever in youR Eyes — °C-ute × Tommy february⁶

This one was a bit tricky since “FOREVER LOVE” has parts in both major and minor scales. 😦 So I had to turn the minor verses into major verses. It was partly successful, I think. Also a little weird.

CHE.R.RY wa NS — YUI × Kira☆Pika

“Futari wa NS” is one of my favorite all-time H!P songs. Yayz.

Furusato Hanabi — Morning Musume. × Watarirouka Hashiritai

“Furusato” like you’ve never heard it before! Now you can rock out to it! *dances*

GET UP! BOY — SALT5 × Buono!

I just love twice-tempo mixes. Here’s another one.

Sougen no Warp! — Buono! × Matsuura Aya

I love half-tempo mixes too. They’re usually hard to do because there’s often audible instrumental residue. But this was a clean vocal rip, so yayz. And Buono! needs to do more ballads.

MY BOYFRIEND — Buono! × Fujimoto Miki

And of course I love Buono! … and awesome titles.


3 Responses to “The latest batch”

  1. Julia said

    Oh my god going to download some of these.

    And I see that you’ve done some AKB! =)

    That’ll teach me not to keep up with your remixes.

  2. Julia said


  3. sakurai said

    love cherrryyyy

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