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The K!☆Mix Kollection — Volume 6!

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2009-05-16

That’s right … VOLUME 6 of The K!☆Mix Kollection has arrived!

(For previous volumes, see Volumes 1–3, Volume 4, and Volume 5.)

Volume 6 can be downloaded here (192 kbps).

The K!☆Mix Kollection

Volume 6
1 SOME BOYS! Bye Bye Bye! °C-ute × Goto Maki
2 THE MADAYADEPOWER!!! Berryz Koubou × Morning Musume.
3 FoRever in youR Eyes °C-ute × Tommy february⁶
4 Ambitious! Kiteru Morning Musume. × Berryz Koubou
5 CHE.R.RY wa NS YUI × Kira☆Pika
6 Furusato Hanabi Morning Musume. × Watarirouka Hashiritai
7 GET UP! BOY SALT5 × Buono!
8 Sougen no Warp! Buono! × Matsuura Aya
9 MY BOYFRIEND Buono! × Fujimoto Miki
10 Hare Ame Kokoro Tamago ♥ Morning Musume. Sakura Gumi × Buono!
11 Shabon Ii na! Morning Musume. × W
12 Go Lady ~Koi no Panther~ Buono! × Morning Musume.
13 Shouganai Namida Oibito °C-ute × Morning Musume.
14 Thanks! Yume Oibito Morning Musume. × GAM
15 Odaiba Munasawagi Serenade Berryz Koubou × Nakazawa Yuuko & Takayama Gen
16 Hajimete no Olala Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume.) × Mano Erina


I don’t really have anything to say about these. To listen to them directly, click on the links on the left sidebar. And this isn’t really an album but rather a collection of mashups I’ve already put up, so apologies for the varying quality and volume levels.

I am working on an album though. I’m afraid I’m scratching the proposed H!P-COMPLETE album project (it’s way too old already), and doing a Buono!-themed album instead, titled Buonissimo!. I also have a Koha album and more general albums in the works. Stay tuned.

13 Responses to “The K!☆Mix Kollection — Volume 6!”

  1. jim said

    Some really nice ones! Go Lady ~Koi No Panther~ got corrupted in the zip tho. Maybe because of the “~”. MADAYADEPWER is a little rough surface wise, but I still like it a lot. And Thanks Yume Oibito works really well. Some really different sounding stuff. GET UP BOY is getting fancier with editing. I like the YUI in there too.

  2. pige said

    The zip file you have for download is corrupted.

  3. pige said

    Go Lady ~Koi no Panther~ is incomplete and so will not unzip, the rest of it will though.

  4. Sorry about the zip file. It works fine on Linux and Mac.

    Here’s “Go Lady ~Koi no Panther~”: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmvmmszjwel

    I’ll upload a fixed version of the whole volume when I have a chance.

  5. kiokuchan said

    Do you think you could ever upload this to Box.net? Mainly because my computer doesn’t work with mediafire Dx Lol…Please? =]

  6. isilwentari said

    GETUP!Boy is amazing. It’s probably the best H!P remix I’ve heard…or is it a mashup? Whatever you call it. I really love your work.

  7. Anonymous said

    when will
    Rottara Rottara Has Come!
    be out and i really want to lissten to it everyday pls can i have it 😀

  8. sakurai said

    when will
    Rottara Rottara Has Come!
    be out and i really want to lissten to it everyday pls can i have it 😀

  9. sakurai said

    i love all the buono and yui remixes and all the songs they fit perfectly ty

  10. […] The K!☆Mix Kollection — Volume 6! […]

  11. @Sakurai: It’s out now. 🙂

    @Isilwentari: It’s a mashup. I consider mashups a subgenre of remixes and use both terms.

    @Kiokuchan: Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been having trouble with Box.net, so I haven’t been able to post it there. 😦

  12. Phil said

    Hi, I listened to you tube SEXY BALALAIKA ~ Soyokaze Yorisotte or ~ / Morning Musume and just discovered your series ” The K! ☆ Mix Kollection ” and congratulate you for your great work! By downloading The K Kollection ☆ Mix – Volume 6! I found that the track: ”12 Go Lady Panther ~ ~ Koi no Buono! × Morning Musume ‘was corrupt and unusable. The replacement file at: ‘http://www.mediafire.com/?mmvmmszjwel’ is readable only until 1: 15 minutes. Can you solve the problem?
    Best Regards
    P.S. What equipment do you use to rework the songs?

  13. tulia said

    arregla el zip esta dañado

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