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The K!☆Mix Kollection — Volume 6!

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2009-05-16

That’s right … VOLUME 6 of The K!☆Mix Kollection has arrived!

(For previous volumes, see Volumes 1–3, Volume 4, and Volume 5.)

Volume 6 can be downloaded here (192 kbps).

The K!☆Mix Kollection

Volume 6
1 SOME BOYS! Bye Bye Bye! °C-ute × Goto Maki
2 THE MADAYADEPOWER!!! Berryz Koubou × Morning Musume.
3 FoRever in youR Eyes °C-ute × Tommy february⁶
4 Ambitious! Kiteru Morning Musume. × Berryz Koubou
5 CHE.R.RY wa NS YUI × Kira☆Pika
6 Furusato Hanabi Morning Musume. × Watarirouka Hashiritai
7 GET UP! BOY SALT5 × Buono!
8 Sougen no Warp! Buono! × Matsuura Aya
9 MY BOYFRIEND Buono! × Fujimoto Miki
10 Hare Ame Kokoro Tamago ♥ Morning Musume. Sakura Gumi × Buono!
11 Shabon Ii na! Morning Musume. × W
12 Go Lady ~Koi no Panther~ Buono! × Morning Musume.
13 Shouganai Namida Oibito °C-ute × Morning Musume.
14 Thanks! Yume Oibito Morning Musume. × GAM
15 Odaiba Munasawagi Serenade Berryz Koubou × Nakazawa Yuuko & Takayama Gen
16 Hajimete no Olala Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume.) × Mano Erina


I don’t really have anything to say about these. To listen to them directly, click on the links on the left sidebar. And this isn’t really an album but rather a collection of mashups I’ve already put up, so apologies for the varying quality and volume levels.

I am working on an album though. I’m afraid I’m scratching the proposed H!P-COMPLETE album project (it’s way too old already), and doing a Buono!-themed album instead, titled Buonissimo!. I also have a Koha album and more general albums in the works. Stay tuned.

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Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2009-03-03

A few more since last post…

Shugo Shugo! Cha Cha Cha! — Mini Moni. × Shugo Chara Egg!

Everybody’s favorite cracktastic 4-nin kiddie group meets everybody’s other favorite cracktastic 4-nin kiddie group. Cracktastic galore.

Okashi Wonderland no Kisetsu — (°C-ute + Mini Moni.) × Shugo Chara Egg!

And again, with some extra °C-ute thrown in.

♥Lonely in Twilight♥ — Morning Musume. × Tommy february⁶

I never really liked “Kanashimi Twilight” … but this version is awesome. Not posted to YouTube because Defstar Records will undoubtedly invoke the much-dreaded DMCA-hammer and possibly have my entire account revoked. For the record, I’m not buying anything from Defstar again.

FIRST KISS ni Sachi Are — Aa! × Morning Musume.

I never really liked “FIRST KISS” either … but now it’s got a beat.

Love to Yuki is forever — Tanpopo × Tommy february⁶

The title only makes grammatical sense if ‘to’ is interpreted as an English preposition.

je t’aime ★ je t’aime SEXY GUY — Goto Maki × Tommy february⁶

Semi-requested by Mars. I had the toughest time with this one. It was practically impossible to get a decent vocal rip out of “Uwasa no SEXY GUY” … this was the best I could do. It still has audible instrumental residue; hopefully it’s not distracting.

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Another Batch of Half-Baked Goodness

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-08-24

Sorry for not updating in a month. Here’s another batch of remixes. Most of them have been sitting around collecting dust and have been heard only by the folks who frequent Wotachat. But now they’re public, and you can enjoy them if you haven’t heard them before (or even if you have).

I apologize for the tacky method of posting the audio files on a separate audio repository; I plan to move everything to my own server, but unfortunately that server is currently dead and needs to be repaired. So I’ll have to make do with this for now…


Mikancake – Tasty.

Gachinko de Jirushi no Oomori Song – Interesting fact. This mixes together Suzuki Airi’s earliest single (as a member of 4KIDS) and her newest single (as a member of Buono!).

Gachinko de Honto no Jibun Song – Same as the above, but with “Honto no Jibun” vocals as well.

Mikan no Kaori Dance. – This was going to be on the album, but was displaced by another track (to be revealed).

Balalaikattarouze! – Say that ten times fast.

Yeah! Meccha Hinamatsuri! – Festive.

Hana Koero Pu~n! Rakuten Eagles – Baseball and trigonometry! A perfect combination.

Minihamuzu no Monkey Dance – Hamsters, monkeys … same difference.

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More Remixes!

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-07-11

OK, so I finally decided to explore the world outside of H!P, and mwahahahaa … six new remixes. You can enjoy them in high-quality stereo at my audio repository (embedded and playable):


You can also subscribe directly to its feed:

Gackt singing in new and exciting genres!

ºG-ackt – Ooki na Ai de Oikaketa Yume
Tsukishima Kirari starring Gackt – Wasurenai☆Kana

And also some H!P favorites set to instrumental tracks by others:

High-King + Gackt – R\C (REDEMPTION\Complex)
ZYX + Perfume – Baby Shiroi Love
Morning Musume. + AKB48 – Sakura ga Tomaranai Houkago 2008
Matsuura Aya + AKB48 – Saigo no Hito

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Tokaikko Jubaku

Posted by Kirarin☆Snow ☃ on 2008-03-22

Will this ever end? 😮

Download MP3

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